Light can mean so many things.

In this tiny cottage, we are lit by the full face of the sun in summer and winter. The original owner was English and he and his wife had lived in Sweden and had an intrinsic understanding of the value of light in life. Thus this little house has masses of windows facing north… and just in case there was the slightest chance the sun thought it could escape lighting the house at any point, there are windows facing the morning east and the dusk west. 

In summer the prevalence of light can be almost blinding, a true Australian light. In winter, with the sun low in the sky each room is the most perfect suntrap with window seats in utterly suitable corners. One’s mood elevates, ‘lightens’ and one feels more positive, able to achieve more, happier. And even on a grey day the advantage of House is that the light illuminates, casting an ‘it’s okay’ luminescence over everything.

But light also means satisfaction, I think.

Yesterday and the day before, I felt completely overwhelmed with a writer’s workload. My latest book is in progressive ‘final edit’, I needed to write a blurb that sells it, I have a first draft fantasy which is the fourth of the Chronicles that needs attention, I needed to catch up on my own blogposts and I needed to build more pages for the fantasy world on this blog.

Last night and this morning, I worked and worked, whirling like a dervish through the demands above. The progressive edits are going well, the blurb is looking like it might get a credit from the inspector, and more detail has been uploaded into the fantasy world pages here at Mesmered.

When I walked out the gate with the dogs a couple of hours ago, a curious sense of lightness hovered around me, a sense that the heavy load was actually reduced.

I floated along the beach… and the sun slid out from behind the clouds.