A winning ranking…

A Thousand Glass Flowers is giving me the time of my life. Initially it took off like a rocket on Kindle on Amazon.com and then I signed with a digital publishing group called MWiDP for Amazon.co.uk. Last week I was rattling away on Facebook that I was excited ATGF had managed a .co.uk #ranking at least once a week for the four weeks that I had been on MWiDP’s lists. Anything from #15 onward!

This week I am even more over the moon about my little book.

Ashwariya Rai: the inspiration for Lalita

Lalita and Finnian have managed to hold the book and their saga in the Top 100 within its category four days in a row. That may not seem such a great thing… but you have to remember that I’m an indie-writer, that as indicated in Indie Chicks, I was hauled over the coals by a leading Australian agent for going indie. Even now, one can still carry the stigma of being indie, despite the way indie books are the reason for the success of Amazon over mainstream publishers.

Richard Armitage: the inspiration for Finnian.

So I guess today I’m just a little bit proud of A Thousand Glass Flowers in the UK… delighted that readers are drawn into the story and that they may want to see more of the World of Eirie. Delighted also that Lalita and Finnian have a  fan-base. Thanks to all who have supported the book, I’m terribly chuffed!