Needle n’ thread…

The embroidered mirror frame continues to grow as A Thousand Glass Flowers wends its way across a reading population. 

This last couple of weeks, I’ve embroidered a couple of figs and an owl. Each segment was embroidered on a calico slip in a much smaller hoop, then cut out and attached to the main embroidery with little stab stitches and stuffed to give it dimension. The beads for eyes and seeds are added last.

My little owl decided to lean slightly sideways which I thought was apt as the stitcher (me) has a habit of occasionally leaning sideways. Life sometimes looks better from that angle. The raspberry stalks were stitched and the hedgehog had his eyes and nose added. It’s the little detail that begins to give the frame a life and idionsyncracy all it’s own.

I’m currently doing the little bees flying a round the hive and am still working on the twelve separate wired leaves that are required. And tonight I picked out the Au Ver A Soie silks for the heartsease flowers. There’s still a lot to do. Two more beetles, a flower in the top right arch, two heartsease in each of the bottom corners, applying the dragonfly wings and then finishing the body… lots and lots, but it grows every time I pick up a needle and takes me to the faraway places of the mind… meditation with each swoop of the needle.