The medieval mirror continues…

Its grown quite a bit. I find I can’t wait to shut the computer and set up my lamp, my special specs and start the next section. When I am tired of creating new elements, I return to the leaves in the separate hoop and stitch those. I have 3 oak-styled leaves to do now and then two smaller light green leaves.

If you look at the main piece, you can see I have just finished peas and I’ve yet to finish a pea tendril.  The peas actually aren’t supposed to be there. Instead there were supposed to be delicate blue foxgloves which I stitched and applied to the main piece, but they were done at the time my beloved Spot died and they were a right mess of threads and shapes. So I very carefully managed to unpick and cut them away from the work. The decision to replace them with peas was because I needed a 3 branched specimen and one that covered the mess that had been made on the Thai silk. I cut out shapes of various things in baking paper and laid them down to see what covered the damage well enough. The peas fit perfectly and the little curled tendril will echo the delicate curling fronds right round the full vine.

You can also see an aqua stretch of couched thread. That’s the body of a dragonfly. To the bottom of the post you will see that I’ve finished the detached wings which will be cut from the little hoop and applied to the main piece.

The whole piece has been growing quickly and I thought I was way ahead but I’ve yet to do a carnation, two violas, a hedgehog, two more beetles, an owl and the rest of the leaves. Bees around the hive too. I gave myself a year… depending on ‘things’ it might just take that long to complete!