Hunting a poem’s history:

When I was a wee thing, a tiny toddler who loved stories read and had parents willing to oblige, my mother used to recite a short little poem to me at night. This same poem that we call Lady Moon was told to her by her mother. My mum is 85 and we must be talking about a poem that is at least 80 known years old but might go back even further to my grandmother’s childhood. I’ve used this poem in A Thousand Glass Flowers and in fact the Lady Moon is a defined character both in that manuscript and in the novel The Last Stitch.

I searched high and low for a history of the poem, for the poet’s name, for anything really – via the internet, libraries, poetry anthologies and the like, and came up with nothing. So I’m throwing it out there in the hope that someone somewhere can help me. Hs anyone even heard it?

The Lady Moon

The Lady Moon came down one night,

She did you shouldn’t doubt it.

A lovely lady dressed in blue, I’ll tell you all about it.

They hurried my sister and I to bed and Auntie said

Well maybe,

That lovely moon up over head will bring you down a baby.