The Map of Eirie…

The original map by CM Design

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In order to provide e-readers of The Stumpwork Robe and The Last Stitch with an idea of the world in which they are moving and because the map itself was difficult to upload to Kindle in the body of the text, I am providing all the map images here on the blog.

This black and white image is the original map, designed by Cath McAuliffe of CM Design from my very own pen and paper  scratchings, the one that would sit inside the body of my print novel. I loved the way she translated my world and my thoughts to a visual image someone might be able to understand. The outer reaches of Eirie are unexplored in the first novel and the northern expanse beyond the Raj is a completely unknown world. For all the Eirish know, they could exist on an island continent the size of Australia.

Card designs by Bo Press.

Bo Press designed these wonderful cards based on Cath’s original work. To see the map in colour gives a whole new dimension to the view of the land mass and the sea surrounding it and the cards have been very special accoutrements in advertising the world of Eirie.

An 'olde' map of Eirie

This version of the map is a further design by Pat Sweet from Bo Press in California. Like me, Pat enthuses over maps and maps compile a large proportion of the miniature books, folios, tellurions, orreries and globes that she creates at the studio. To me, this map could have fallen out of Adelina’s pocket as she leaves the world of Faeran to travel across the sea to Maria Island in the Pymm Archipelago.

The celestial map

As I wrote more books about the world of Eirie , Pat Sweet prompted me to create a celestial map which she refined and improved upon as only she can.  The reason it is gored is that she then wraps the map around a tiny ball to create the boxed miniature pocket globes for which she is world-renowned.

I love the maps of my world and sometimes when I’m sitting holding that world in my hands and realise that it all came from my own imagination, I am quite overawed. It merely remains to be seen how much else there is to be discovered. And written about!