Lucia’s dilemma . . .

Robin’s letter gave me food for thought, although it was as well I wasn’t starving. Robin has always called things as he sees them and I knew he was right, I should dissociate from Percy and Niccolo immediately.  Go to the ball on my own, spend time on the arm of the Direttore and have a good time.  It’s not as though I haven’t done that many times before.  I am known for being independent and somewhat risque in my preference for attending functions unescorted. 

But the truth is that I have met Niccolo and I find he is rarely out of my thoughts.  I am attracted to him like women are to chocolate and men to . . . well, whatever it is they are attracted to.  

To be even more truthful, I find myself thinking that I may be falling a little in love with him and that goes a long way to upsetting the life I have so carefully planned for myself. 

'I think I may be falling a little in love with him.'


I am a writer.  I lead a selfish life whereby if I want to spend hours in my nightdress writing my books then I can, with never a care for anyone else in my life. If I want to hold literary salons I can without worrying about anyone but myself.  I don’t even have a dog or cat because of the inevitable involvement. 

Now I find eveything I do is determined by the possibilty that Niccolo might arrive without notice and I can’t bear that I might miss him.  See how I have changed?  Robin and Marion would be disgusted. 

The most difficult thing about my infatuation is that I would do anything to please this man so that he stays in my life.  And that puts a wholly different slant on the amulet and the book, doesn’t it? 

To be frank, I am beginning to think that I would defend Niccolo’s interests with my life . . . 

A charming friend . . . –>