A letter from Annabelle Dechanel . . .

More of the story of The Masked Ball, this offering from Rebecca. (I’m having so much fun with this story that I wonder if I shall ever go back to normal blogging!)

Dearest Clarissa,

Such news! I am going to a masked ball in a fortnight and it is sure to be the event of the season. It will be held at the Museo and will be a very grand affaire indeed. There are rumors that the Prince may attend! And there are rumblings about the possible presence of Others, although Charles makes fun of me for placing credence in that story.

Mama allowed me to rummage through Grandmama’s old trunks to see what I might find and I must say that Grandmama did not disappoint. I discovered a delicious gown made of very thin muslin with a somewhat Risqué décolletage and I think it will be splendid fancy dress and will make me look older than my Years. I plan to take it to Mrs. Peckinham on the morrow for alteration and new trimming. I feel sure I shall look ravishing and, as I will be masked, quite Mysterious. Perhaps someone will think I am an Opera Dancer. Would not that be great fun?

As you might imagine, I am taking a great deal of pleasure in the preparations. I only wish you could join me for the fun, but your lying-in is far too imminent to allow it and I am quite certain that thoughts of your first child (and my first time being an Aunt!) are Uppermost in your Mind. Ball gowns and dance cards must surely be of Little Interest to you at present but it certainly is fortunate that we saved all of those old gowns and fripperies.

Amongst the trunks, I discovered a most intriguing pendant that I wish to wear to the ball. I don’t recollect seeing it before. It is difficult to explain why I am so attracted to it, but I am. In fact, I cannot recall ever being so mesmerized by a piece of jewelry. Do you know this piece? I find myself somewhat reluctant to ask Mama about it because I do not want to risk having her decide it isn’t appropriate for me. Isn’t that Odd? For now, it rests safely in my special Hiding place, but I shall wear it to the ball.

I shall write more anon. At present, I must dress to receive Vittoria, my new friend and a most charming girl. She is quite the madcap, filled with ideas and schemes. In my next letter, I will describe the masquerade ensemble she has designed and for what reason. It is such fun to have a friend with whom to share this Exciting Event. Vittoria’s Aunt, Sra. Neroni, is one of the sponsors of the Museo masquerade and will chaperone her there.

Your ever-loving Sister,


P.S. I realize that in my haste I have neglected to describe the pendant to you. I shall write soon to rectify that oversight.

 Bacigalupo . . . –>