A letter from Vittoria . . .

Patricia Sweet continues the intriguing story of  ‘The Masked Ball.’ . . .  

A letter from Vittoria!  


“…and I cannot thank you enough for taking my part about the mask. My Aunt doesn’t understand how important it is that I make an impression on a certain person and his family! If we hadn’t met at Signorina Brabante’s conversazione last week, I would never have known of the existence of the most wonderful, the most handsome, the most admirable-in-all-ways man I have ever seen!!! When you pointed him out to me I near swooned with mingled apprehension and desire, as my innocent heart was pierced with a flaming arrow of love that clove my breast and spilled my very Soul into the aether, my blushes setting my cheeks afire with a sign of my passion that he could not help but see. But I will reserve till our next meeting, the true extent of my regard for him.  


I am still unsure who my Aunt will choose to accompany us to the Museo masquerade, as my Uncle’s disappearance into the uncharted archipelago of The Tessalated Pavement makes it unlikely that he will be escorting us. My Aunt has around her a salon of men and women of more or less intellectual pretentions, who click and clatter over tea like a lot of dried up old sticks. My Aunt is almost perfectly spherical in shape, which makes the image the more amusing. One man, and I write man ‘though he is obviously Other, who attends her infrequently, might be her choice, for my Aunt has ever been oblivious to Society’s opinion. I, however, never pass by him without a thrill down my spine.   

He puts me in mind of that old cautionary tale we would use to frighten each other after dancing class, of the spirit Bacigalupo, who would appear at balls in the mask of a wolf, entice a maiden far into the garden and unmask as a wolf indeed, and then proceed to EAT HER FACE OFF!! devour her.  

A wolf . . . Bacigalupo?


May I stop by this afternoon to admire your new costume and mask? The notion of dressing a l’antique is a daring one,   

and I wonder your parents allow it, although the low décolletage will show off your amulet to perfection! I’ve had troubles enough persuading my Aunt to stop laughing at the perfectly adorable Unicorn tail I’ve devised out of curled ribbon.   

All the historical sources agree that the Unicorn’s tail was long and curly, and I’m certain the length will cause no undue difficulty on the dance floor. Besides, people should look where they step in any case.  

Your own, most dear and devoted Friend,


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