Whispers . . .

I have heard a whisper . . . have you?  That there may be Masked Ball (virtual)on this site in April or May?  It’s only a whisper, mind, and may not be true.  But I heard the invitation was to come from the Directore of the Museo in Veniche, in Eirie .

I read about another Masked ball held by this same gentleman and it was breathtaking  . . . there was an appearance by Others . . . and everyone shivered with their presence.  Did you read about it?  It was mentioned in The Last Stitch.

I should like to attend this latest Masked Ball.  I suspect there will be quite a bit of organisation and I have no idea what I might wear, but I know it would have to be beautiful.  I may have to talk to Jane of all Trades (gentlewomanthief.wordpress.com) to ask for advice.

I wonder what the music would be and the supper, and above all I wonder if you would approve of my (virtual) escort.

If you’ve heard tell of this whisper, of the Masked Ball to be held at this site, can you let me know?  Your whispers may be different to mine and there’s nothing like a gossip behind hands!

Postscript: The latest gossip I have heard is that a Dr.Tobias Google may be attending the ball to talk about Medecin Sans Frontieres and will be encouraging all the guests to make a donation. (http://www.msf.org)  When I heard this I thought it was such an unusual name, Dr.Google, for an eminently learned gent, but I am assured that he has all the information on anything anyone may need to know.