Balls and book trailers . . .

The Masked Ball

It’s true!  There is going to be a Masked Ball here in May.  Held by the Museo Director and with a guest of honour, Dr.Tobias Google.  It will be glittering and glamorous and I can’t help wondering if there will be an appearance by the Others, just like in The Last Stitch. I’ve heard there will be prizes during the evening and the most delectable supper  . . . and of course we will have the pleasure of the company of our escorts, won’t we?

More details as they come to hand and in the meantime, I’ve been playing the rough-cut of the book-trailer on my son’s Mac with the giant screen.  My brother and I made a momentous decision yesterday and cut 20 secs from the trailer.  It times-out at 47 seconds and we both believe the download time will be far more attractive.  Each frame is only on screen long enough for the text to be read without overdoing things and I am pleased with the result.  The text and images set the scene of the book, and the music, oh . . . Kevin Macleod’s Living Voyage off Wikimedia Commons is wonderful!  The rise and fall is perfect.

So . . . upload soon and we are all STILL speaking and I am so very very proud of the time and effort brother and my daughter have taken!