SixonSaturday 4/9/21

Spring has sprung upon us and scared the hell out of us with three days of 18-26 this week! We literally watched the blossom emerge from the trees and then fall before we could even rush to get cameras and things, in between dashing around with a hose, moistening dry soil.

But then all day yesterday it rained and so the garden is looking satiated and as if it now has time to really think about spring. It’s about 13 today and a few things have opened. One must take the time to look because one finds spring is done and dusted in our neck of the woods in next to no time.

Firstly, and as mentioned in another post today that has nothing to do at all with gardening, I took the time to venture outside in PJ’s and bare feet to catch the sun on a seriously heavy dew. It was sublime in its glittering expanse and I’m sure out in the paddocks, the cobwebs would look like something from the Royal Jewelry Collection.

Next is the first of the fritillaria. It’s such a quaint and almost ugly flower if one is objective. But subjectively I love it. I love the name, I love the many different varieties and I love that they try valiantly to stay in my garden. I suspect there’s some that have gone wilding here and there and will look out for them, but mostly they are confined to tubs.

This sweep is under the oldest Japanese maple. I have no idea what the plant is so please tell me and I shall try to remember. It’s as tough as old boots and can cope with absolutely anything including climate change. I love it and even as a cut flower it has the most delicious Japanese/orchid-like manner.

This was newly planted this year in the shady fern garden but the wind blew the tag away before I could learn its name. I suspect it’s a sort of periwinkle and it’s really sweet and looks terribly robust.  I shall be interested to see how it copes with summer.

This is a battle won by the housewife. I’ve been asking my OH to mow AROUND the naturalising freesias in the lawn and this year, he finally has!!! Huzzah!

And finally the good old Pachystigma which is going gangbusters in its tub. I love everything about it. It’s hardiness, the glossy top foliage, the soft downy underneath, the ghostly grey leaf edge and vein, the dove grey buds, the white papery flowers and the immensely down-like seedheads.

And that’s it from me.

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