SoS 30/10/21

It’s so long since I contributed to SoS and to be honest, after yesterday’s 40 Days and Nights rain, I didn’t think it’d be an option today. However, the sun’s shining, but because the ground is knee-deep in moisture, I’m mixing it up a bit with our tiny town patch and the bigger home garden,  all pics bar one taken before the deluge.

Firstly, early in the day on Friday when the big garden began to flood. By dusk, the water had flooded back from the drains that criss-cross the property and was sitting neatly at the top of the raised path.

Two days before, in blazing sunshine on one of the 3-4 days of sun we’ve had this month. The veggie garden is starting to reward us, with copious snowpeas, potatoes, broadbeans, bok choy, swiss chard and garlic all looking good. (wondering if garlic will rot as rain has been so horrendous through winter and spring). This day, we planted radishes, carrots, beetroots, eggplants and zucchinis. The last two under plastic cloches for protection from the weather for a couple of weeks.

The perennial garden starting to push to its heyday. But if you look closely you will see circlets of wire everywhere to protect young cosmos from the rabbits we seem to be getting in the garden.  The Jack Russell terrier needs to earn his keep! Behind the windshield fence is what we call the orchard (it used to house 28 apples and pears) but which is slowly becoming more of an arboretum. More trees yet to plant.

In town, remember the winter-bare left side of the back path? The Solomons’ Seal is up and showing off.

My one rhododendron flower of the year. I do hope this shrub learns to be less shy as the flower is lovely. But I’m worried about the mottled spotting on the leaves. Any suggestions?

And what a fabulous Saturday I had last week! Tasmania’s one and only auricula breeder is retiring and had a clearance sale with emails sent to her loyal customers. I bought seven (some people bought car-loads!!!!). My choices were shades of soft greys and blackish-purples, except for this one vivid green which I have long admired. Here’s just a sample – you may be familiar with the names.

And finally, sneaking an extra pic in. Found this delightful crewelwork kit online two days ago which will exactly echo the colours of my auriculas. Can’t wait to stitch it!

As usual, do go to Mr.P’s SoS account and enjoy the global gardens on display in the comments.

Cheers and happy gardening!