SoS 6/11/21

In the city for a couple of days this week, I took the opportunity to take some pics of the Matchbox. It’s such a tiny space with such a nice ambience and considering how long it can go before we give it attention, I really love it.

Firstly, aquilegia. A white and double black. These are all through our garden and give a nice sense of height in the box beds.

Next, clematis still carrying seeds from winter but now fledgling flowers as it stretches along one of the fences. I can’t remember the variety, just that it’s a pretty little mostly white one.

This next is also a clematis with a very geometric flower form – very sharp angles.

Our lizard hunter and rabbit killer – ‘nuff said!

The unusual striped stem of a variety of Solomon’s Seal growing in the shade garden of the bottom terrace.

The flowers of the same plant. So different from the rampant variety growing along the back path.

And that’s it from me. Don’t forget to follow the adventures of all the global gardeners who take part in The Propagator’s Six on Saturday.