SoS 22/05/2

Very quick SoS today.

We’re in the city for a few days and the weather is astonishing – twenty degrees and the garden is so confused. And dry…

So here’s my swift six from the Matchbox:

Firstly my spring crocus – Art Schenck – have burst through the soil. Bit early, I think.

One of the many primroses that have begun blooming after a summer sleep and a rather lengthy battle with snails.

The first of my orange, black and white tulips (which I haven’t labellled and which I think was such a big mistake!) have broken the soil. Again, too early.

The auricula pups that I separated from the parent plants up the coast have survived. Hurrah.

‘Clematis Unknown But Striking’. In flower as the rest of the vine begins to shoot. See what I mean about climate change and confusion?

Finally, a selection of primula seedlings and lobelia which I plant seasonally in the gaps of the winter garden for some light reflection on dark winter days (if they ever come). And at the far end, some grey, speckled white and black hellebores from a rare hellebore grower called Post Office Nursery. All my hellebores come from them.

And that’s it from me.

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