SoS 24/4/21

We’re back in our big garden on the coast after dallying in the city last week and I was happy to see the garden breathing again as temperatures drop and the nights have welcome dews. This garden suffers in summer, as I’ve mentioned before, and in order to try and create a more temperate micro-climate, we’ve slowly been filling the old orchard with trees of all sorts. Hopefully they’ll act as not just wind protection, but feedlots for birds and insects AND lower the overall summer temperature of the whole garden. Trouble is, it may not be in my life time. But that’s gardening, isn’t it? A measure of future-proofing?

Anyway, as I wandered around the garden, I found that the shy crocuses which I thought had rotted in the wet and humid summer, are still with us and all of them have put on a bit of a show (whilst we haven’t been here!). This is almost the last.

I also nearly fell over backwards when I looked at our miniature lemon tree. Abundance!!! I see much lemon cookery coming up.

On my return from the beach, I noticed the liquid amber at the front gate is positively bipolar. Half neatly still green and the other absolutely garnet. Gorgeous!

I had purchased two ferns for the expanding fernery: Haemionitis arifolia which has the sweetest little shepherd’s crook fiddleheads. The other is listed rather plainly as Doodia Species. That’s it, nothing else. But the new foliage has a really attractive pink tinge.

The red net-bag is from the veggie crisper and contains last year‘s black, orange and white tulips which are being potted today and tomorrow. Will they give me a show? Who knows? I lifted them Monty Don-style, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m also really breaking out of my comfort zone because I’m planting two pots with a mix of mauve and blue iris and crocus. They will go over where the grape hyacinths are. NOT near my essentially white and black borders.

Finally, the garlic. It’ll go in tomorrow. Along with broadbeans which we always traditionally plant on ANZAC Day (25th April) and which give us fine veg for Christmas.

And that’s my lot. Do wander through everyone’s gardens via Mr.P and SoS. And thanks for visiting mine.

Cheers all.