SoS 11/7/20

I’ve been a bit busy lately getting a new book ‘out there’ and dealing with the oddness of publishing something so far outside my usual genre. A pillowbook, for heaven’s sake!

And in amongst that, taking time to push on with the next in a hist.fict series – this one entitled Reliquary. Such things serve to remove one somewhat from the garden and gardening. Then again, it’s been so damned cold that one could barely pick up secateurs, let alone open them. Cold for us in these temperate climes is about 8-11 degrees Celsius during the day. The best one can hope for is dashing round to see what plants think spring is on its way. By its very nature, the dashing and the seeing is what warms one’s cockles.

So here we go, this time in the Matchbox:

In a slightly blurred shot for which I apologise, the white daphne beginning to flower. My FAVOURITE scent in the house, along with freesias.

The little variegated geranium which I have in striking pillows everywhere in both the Matchbox and main gardens, is coming back from a vicious haircut.

One of the clematis, can’t remember which, is flowering.

The tulips (white, black and orange – super parrots and standards etc) are up and running.

The hellebores are starting to make their statements. I can’t wait to see the slate greys when they flower. And I apologise for the wonky horizon. Believe it or not, the tub at the far end of the path is actually straight.


The white pulmonarias are starting to appear once more above the soil in the shade garden. I’m so happy about this as they have a habit of vanishing like ghosts in the night. I always feel I should have a pot in the cold frame to propagate onward because of this habit…

And that’s it from me. Please visit all the heavenly gardens on The Propagator Six on Saturday

and enjoy!