SoS 21/3/20

Golly, I certainly didn’t think I’d have any plants to talk about but because of the C-Virus, and our island declaring a State of Emergency and shutting its borders, I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden, doing the autumn cutback.

It’s been wonderful, I’ve found:

Colchicum byzantinum (1) hidden under a big Nepeta.

Petite hoop petticoat leaves (2) sprouting through rampant violets which I’ve thinned out so that the bulbs can get air and light.

Cyclamen¬†persicum (3) which was drowning in last year’s Hellebore leaves.

And in the cutting back of the Hellebores, I found a triple white (4) actually in flower (it’s warm autumn here in Tasmania)

I also checked the tubs of citrus and was blown away by the amount of fruit on my miniature lemon and Kaffir lime trees (5 &6) . Should I be thinning out the fruit? And can someone suggest what actual Kaffir limes can be used for? Pickles? Marmalade? Lime Butter?

If you want to check out gardens all over the globe, and how we gardeners are keeping busy in this time of distancing and lockdown, go to Mr.P’s blog and click on each link. Fab stuff that fills in those long hours behind the garden gates!