Odd Times…

For the first time in eleven books, I’ve got a reduced desire to write.

The airwaves are so saturated with the war against the C-Virus and the inevitable casualties, that one feels quite exhausted when one walks away from the media outlets.

I’m as anxious as the next person about the pandemic but like most, we give ourselves a measure of control by disinfecting our house, washing our hands (copiously), observing social distances and being grateful for small mercies. To be honest, our lives haven’t changed that much apart from not being able to buy toilet paper, flour, rice and pasta. We’re not social butterflies and lead a family-oriented life and so far, in our state, we are still able to meet with our offspring and grandson. I prefer to think that this won’t change any time soon.

As you can imagine, I also walk the beaches with the dog and my husband and our little grandchild.

We garden too. In fact we try to get as much fresh air as we can, to be honest. Not because we believe it will prevent coronavirus…

…but because ‘Outside’ (you must say it the same way Mr. Tumnas says ‘Ward Robe’ – ‘Out Side’) offers an escape, it reduces the size of issues with its big skies, with gardens and with sea or country views that stretch for miles.

In the evenings, we watch Survivor All Stars and then something from Netflix (currently a series called Secret City).

And whilst he reads on his computer, I stitch. At the moment, I’m stitching pocket hugs, little Hearts that I’ve talked about in the past 

I’m off to the first Icebreakers Swim of the New Year tomorrow which will be super. We swim in the ocean, a small group, and will observe the legal distance. Australia’s distance out in the open is currently one and a half metres apart. Sadly my ballet classes have ceased for the foreseeable and the social embroidery group I usually attend (between 6-8 women) will likely go by the board. Possibly we might not be able to meet to swim much longer, but in the meantime…

However, back to writing.

I’m almost half way through writing the new histfict set in 12th century France. It’s about a search to find a relic of value. (But value to whom? The right or the wrong folk?)  I’ve loved writing it to date and to be honest, I’m not worried at all about not writing just now. I’m guessing we’ll all settle into the New World Order in a couple of weeks (we have no option) and the story will begin to flow again. I have enjoyed reading what’s been written to date though, and have begun the first round of edits. I’ve also crafted a couple of hundred words in the last week so I realise that it’s all there – just biding its time.

 One last thing.

In respect of all my books, I don’t plan to advertise any currently.

I’m rather horrified at how many ‘Buy’ links are drifting into my email and my social media accounts from authors. It’s a very personal thing, others might not agree. But I feel that everyone needs less stress, less junk mail and should be able to choose whatever books they personally wish to read at this time, quietly and without pressure.

So I won’t be filling up your social media and in-boxes with such things until the Pandemic begins to settle down, which it will do. Law of Averages, you see!

Anyway, that’s it from me. Have a relaxing weekend, keep well and talk soon!