SoS 27/7/19

I’m back in the Matchbox Garden away from the coast as I prepare for further eye surgery on Tuesday, so had a trip to the nursery, bought a few things and had a little bit of a plantathon… not that one really gets a sweat-up in the Matchbox, unlike my Northern Hemisphere friends who are sweltering!

Today I offer up a bit of a mish-mash of pics because in all honesty, there’s only so much to see in a garden that’s tiny.

The daphne’s in flower, so spring is only days away for us. The fragrance is delightful and I’ve placed vases of it in the bedrooms.

The white japonica is from a reserve close by, where it’s growing wild. I pick it in the tightest bud-form and it lasts for weeks, opening out to this full floral beauty before shedding petals on the floor.

The five Manchurian Pears of our garden that edge the common driveway have had tops lopped to keep them at a manageable level, stop the branches belting th windows in the wind and allow sun into our lounge. In the summer, the foliage is like a thickly verdant screen, protecting us from HOT northerly and westerly sun and also giving us tremendous privacy.

My richest black hellebore. I adore this one.

The speckled hellebore is like a winter face grabbing freckles from the sun. Love it.

This is the haul from the nursery. I was thrilled to find white poppies and in the mix there, you can see my climbing rose, Madame Alfred Carriere, has finally arrived. It’s been on order for 4 months! It has tender tiny buds and I so look forward to seeing it climb the black frame my husband has cut, painted and installed.

And that’s it from me, folks. I might do a little post on my tiny Matchbox Garden in the next day if you want to see a really small winter space, but in the meantime, hop over to Mr.P, as usual and see what everyone has on offer.