Six odd ones…

Colchicum Byzantium which I purchased at the magnificent Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show at this time last year. Thrilled that it survived a burning summer. The wire is to stop the dogs from treading on them.

A delightfully stepped layer of fungus on my Guelder Rose.

Seedheads that look like alien insects, on one of Clematis Montanas.

A delivery of tulips, crocus and grape hyacinths which arrived last week. Plus lifted tulips from last year. All to be potted.

Freesias popping up along with the leaf growth of ‘I don’t know what.’ It flowers with a carpet of cerise starshaped flowers in spring and grows from tiny bulbs. Is spread right through the whole garden. Here before we bought this place over 30 years ago.

Seeds from last season’s sweetpeas. I dried the pods and then popped the seeds out of the pods today, because I gather one must plant them in Oz as close to Saint Patrick’s Day as possible (that’s tomorrow!).

To all those who know about seeds: Do I soak them first? Do I then plant in tubes in my cold frame? Or do I just broadcast them now, along the foot of the fence up which I want them to climb?


Happy SoS everyone! Do go to Mr.P  and have a look at all the wonderful links!

And kind wishes to Basia – we’re thinking of everyone in NZ right now…