Yes – it’s countdown to Christmas Day.

This is how it works for me.

Seeds planted in the veggie garden so we have a fresh supply of food for the family through the summer.

Veggie garden tended so that we can, hopefully reap rewards and cook from the Veg Book.

The berries sung to, because there’s nothing better in summer than a berry trifle, a berry pavlova or just berries and yoghurt.

Bare places filled with white plants to give that cool feel on a hot day.

Another pair of bathers bought for all the hours I fully intend to spend in the water – it’s my second home because in another life I was a mermaid.

Floors stripped and polished for summer. (House was supposed to be painted outside too but weather is holding the painters up.)

Christmas tree decorated. A loved tree made by OH from driftwood off the beach a couple of years ago.

And the start of present-wrapping with Dog’s help. More yet to do.

In addition, there’s a cake being fed booze on a weekly basis. Truffles, shortbread and rocky road to be made. And really, just that awful food shop before the day so that we have what we need for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

After that, I don’t care because I’ll be on the beach with my little notebook, writing a novel and swimming in between paragraphs.

See you later… at least once or twice more before Christmas. Maybe. Hopefully…