It’s been a quite a day today.

One where I’ve been at liberty to get thoughts together.

I noticed I had written another thousand words of Almost Home. (Cover reveal is a long way down the track)

Which brings the contemporary novel to almost the same word count as the fantasy, Cabinet of Curiosities. (Ditto re cover).

It seems that the contemporary novel is showing it has muscle. When it reaches the word count of the fantasy, I will have to make a decision. Whilst I’ve been able to write the two in tandem to this point, as the plots deepen, they will need total dedication and concentration. For me, it means one must be put on ice.

I have friends who can write multiple novels simultaneously.

Simply – I can’t.

So, it will be a tough decision. Which do I put on hold?

I spent time on Pinterest last night, building Cabinets board of visuals and I have to say, there was such excitement as I found images.

On the other hand, today, as I wrote more of Almost Home, I felt drawn right into Annie’s journey, wanting to see what happens to her.

To ease my dilemma, I traced the Margaret Light design onto lovely linen fabric, ready for the Masterclass with Margaret in ten days.

I still have another to trace but a friend is guiding me with a lightbox.

My husband and I also planned a walk on Maria Island for Tuesday. We plan to walk four hours return to the solitary confinement cells, which I’ve never seen. (Images in a future post). This is more research for a new historical fiction novel but that’s at least a year away. I think…

So whilst I spent time thinking through dilemmas, a nor-easter blew outside and sea-mist wafted here and there over the garden, shrouding the hills.

It chilled the air so that hot chocolate and marshmallows seemed right.

And here it is, Sunday evening and dilemmas remain…