R and R…

More rehab than rest to shrug off viruses.

Morning tea by a mountain stream at Longley , struggling to trickle in our current Dry. We passed great swathes of manferns on either side of the road through Ferntree and Neika. Deep green shadow and dew damp roads everywhere and then a bend, and a halo of sunshine. A different softer, more diffused light compared to the coast.

Meandering down the Huon River and round the bends to Boho-chic Cygnet. Those who are aware of my Rusticana board on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com.au/pruebatten/rusticana/ will know I rather like sculpture in gardens. This horse would fit beautifully under one of the willows. A snip at $A12,500. And with my most recent book-sales, likely to come my way – not!

A sign above the butcher’s shop – loved the humour.

But – did the horse, maybe even the butcher’s inspire? Yes. All stored away in the fantasy shelves of my mind. As is the very name of a town/village called Cygnet. I see a little mystery there – an odd place with mythical happenings.

On then to a little bay called Randall’s Bay, past privately-owned islands. Who wouldn’t like to own an island? The one in the pic looks rather beautiful and very secretive. Imagine a mystery going on there – a thriller even. Wish I could write such books.

And pockets of poplars, golden and upright, guardians of the seasons. Stately sentinels.

We missed the garden tour of this amazing house by 17 minutes. Stunning place, jaw-dropping views – except for the trail of horrendous salmon pens fouling the waters.

Full circle back to the mountain underneath whose brooding brows we had begun.

On up the street to our home.

Revived, rekindled, and very keen to return to the manuscript tomorrow…