Time marches on…




Is there anyone else who thinks this year has passed at the speed of light?

As I hugged my dog tight at midnight, trying to ameliorate the effect of fIreworks on him, I thought on my year.

Was it good? Could it be better?

The simple fact is that to ask for it to be better would be unrealistic and selfish. How can one beat the fact that one’s husband beat cancer? Or that one’s son married the love of his life? Or that one’s daughter made a successful move to a new city?

In addition, I’ve been involved with two great anthologies –

Tales of a Carboot Sale (to raise money for cancer research) and

Winters’ Edge, a fine literary anthology and one of which I’m inordinately proud.

Tobias, Book One of The Triptych Chronicle has been included in a boxed set with two of the most successful authors I know – SJA Turney and Gordon Doherty.

Forged in Fire is sizzling with action and drama!

I’ve written two stories for www.bopressminiaturebooks.com. Pat Sweet is a much-in-demand publisher of the world’s most exciting miniature books and she demands nothing but the best from me in our collaborations. She is about to release Silk and the cover is extremely Byzantine, utterly beautiful.

My books have received gold medallions from Indie B.R.A.G,

the highest form of certification an indie writer can have. I was also honoured to be listed as a finalist with Chanticleer’s Chaucer Awards to be announced in April. And more particularly, my novels continue to secure Top 100 rankings with frequency on Amazon UK.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working away slowly with Michael, the final book in The Triptych Chronicle – to add to Tobias and Guillaume.


My world was rather thrown for a loop with my husband’s cancer operation and the concentration and dedication required for a full novel just wasn’t there. It’s probably why the short-story became an important medium in my writing life.

However, I now have perhaps 40,000 words left to write of Michael’s story. He whispers more of his thoughts in my ear every day and I’m forced to run to my research to check that what he says fits with the reality of fact. Michael is the eleventh novel in my list and I have to pinch myself when I see the word ‘eleven’!

But what else has happened in 2017?

Well, I’ve had a glorious year in the garden – no doubt all on Facebook are completely bored with the images!

And I’ve had an equally glorious year with my embroidery friends – stitching bonds women, I can tell you.

I’ve had a year of re-learning ballet.

Re-learning because I haven’t been near a barre since I was 17. This was a huge thing for me to do, brought on by a need to assist my damaged balance and to ease the discomfort of worsening arthritis.

I went regularly to Tai Chi classes – a refresher after practicing the form for 33 years.

I spent as much time as I could with my husband because having cancer reminds one that life changes on the spin of a coin.

So this brings me to 2018 and what I might hope for.

More of the same, of course.

After Michael, I have a fantasy novel to finish. It will take me back to my world of Eirie –

the world that first started me on my writing journey.

I have a short-story on a selkie to submit to Inkslingers for a further cancer fundraiser. And I’ll continue to work with Bopress.

Most importantly, I have no expectations. If my work sells, I’m happy. If my books are reviewed, I’m happy. If they win awards, I’m happy. But I expect nothing.

Ultimately, I write for two reasons: because I have a story to tell and because I want to entertain readers. If 2018 enables me to do that then I’m content.

Happy 2018 to all those who have supported me by purchasing and reading my books. Thank you so much for your company through the year and I look forward to giving you more stories as the months move on.


PS: if you have any interest in the books listed above, do go to my website and under the Book page, just click on the book you like and you’ll be taken to the distributor. Thank you, again.