Keeping busy…

As Saturday progresses, one can’t be accused of lazing the day away.

I’ve answered half an hour of emails and written a spare blogpost to have for the days when I’m caught on the hop. Most excitingly, I  received an email from FKBT to say that at 5 AM central USA time, my books will be star for the day as Featured Books on their highly respected sale list.  When you wake up, you northern hemisphere sleepyheads go to  for the link. For we in the south, the link will be live at 8PM Sydney time, and I’ll put it up on my Facebook page.

I also had a new author pic taken…

Husband and self have just cut up 2.5 kgs of pears and grated ginger for the pear and ginger paste. He needed a break after all day on the tractor yesterday, rolling the oats seed in in one paddock and the pasture seed in another. His pedometer obligingly read some 12000 footsteps until we realised that it recorded every bump the tractor ran over!

The paste is currently cooking on the stove stop. House smells DIVINE!

Ive been for a windy walk with Dog …  no swimming or kayaking today!

And remember the fish I mentioned yesterday? There were literally thousands along the beach this morning. I kid you not. So sad! What a waste of marine life.

I’ve walked round the garden and noted the autumn leaves that need raking.

Noted too that the arum lilies catch the leaves.

Noted as well that the lobelia and dwarf cyclamen are the only things flowering.

And … noted the Dog has his own method of catching autumn leaves.

It just remains to say, reader friends, that if you want to get ahead of the pack in purchasing the sale titles, you can always go to right now.

(Run, don’t walk people!)

And please, if you read the books and enjoy the entertainment, leave a review. Authors depend on them like a lifeline.

Off to Byzantium now! Bye!