Sometimes it’s nice to go Missing in Action.

To just take off somewhere and breathe deep.

My husband and I did that today. Told no one where we were going.

Not even the kids…

Just loaded the dog and a picnic in the car and drove to the ferry and went to a place called Bruny Island  for the day. With the spray splashing up the sides of the vehicular ferry and with the air fresh and the sky promising to burn off and with a cappuccino in one hand and a fresh-baked Monte Carlo in the other, our adventure seemed ‘right’.


 Our plan was to disembark and drive to Cape Bruny and climb the lighthouse. Neither of us have ever been up to the top of a lighthouse, least of all one that faces due south to the Southern Ocean.


We travelled across dirt roads, past curious letterboxes…


let Dog study sticks that had been lined up by Nature on a shoreline.

 How disappointed we were to discover the Lighthouse was in a National Park and no dogs were allowed – in or out of cars!


 Nevertheless, we ploughed on, reached the Lighthouse carpark to find it full (for seven cars!) and so parked the car further down the road. It was warm and we were loathe to leave Dog in the car and yet couldn’t take him out.

the lighthouse

So I said for Husband to climb the Lighthouse, with instructions to get great photos, whilst I dog-sat – surreptitiously!

 Imagine his mood when he found that the Lighthouse was shut for painting! No signs at the ferry, no signs at the National Park boundary!


Ah well, the day had cleared to a late Spring blue, the Lighthouse was an amazing sight and the views all around superb.


 The Lighthouse was decommissioned not that long ago – 1996, and so the days of romance and the lighthouse keeper are done. Which is probably why we wanted to have a look. Perhaps another time…


So we ambled…

Ate our collection of cheeses, bread, pastes, grapes and strawberries by a shallow bay.



Then drove to Adventure Bay and took Dog for more walks along more deliciously white beaches. Then went to a Berry Farm (O-M-G! What a farm!) and ate tangy boysenberry icecream. I dropped mine right in front of Dog – he ate every single splatter!



 So all I can say is M.I.A is a great place to be some times. We drove back onto the ferry and wandered home – more relaxed than we have been for the last three or four weeks and ready to face the next crazy few weeks to Christmas!