What is it about contentment?

The dictionary defines the word as ‘ease of mind’ but rather unusually, it’s plain old Wiki that gives me the best definition: ‘ Colloquially, contentment is simply a way of accepting one’s life state and being grateful or happy with it.’

Yes and yes again…


Often in the last year, I have said to my husband how content I am with life. He finally asked what, apart from finishing the next book,  was it that created that sense of well-being.

‘Very simple things,’ I replied.


A garden, soil to grub around in, beds to landscape and plants to grow. A vegetable garden – pulling the veggies to eat immediately. Fresh herbs. Bees. I often wonder if there is a little bit of Tom and Barbara in The Good Life  running through my husband’s and my veins.

Or maybe it’s family – to love and laugh with. Or maybe it’s the dogs – who make us laugh every day.

2015-04-27 14.48.19

The beach – ah! Heaven in blue and with white sand all about…




Or it might be sunlight. Our house traps daylight through every one of its north facing windows and everything sparkles better than diamonds or precious metals.


There are no aspirations for bigger, busier or better.

Life on the beach, in the paddocks or the gardens, in daylight of all sorts, is perfection. I sit on the side of a hill and look out over the farm or I sit on the beach and listen to the waves, I run soil through my fingers and chew on a fresh baby carrot, maybe crush thyme or rosemary in my hands and it’s everything.

Contentment is a given.