I can’t believe that almost a week has passed since I posted on the blog. Does it really matter, I ask myself? Probably not.

Which prompts me to ask what is my blog actually for.

As a writer of novels, I’m bound by certain rules – POV, punctuation, language, style and so on. But with my blog, I can do anything I like. No rules. I can speak with confused POV’s, I can forget punctuation or use too many exclamation marks.


It’s my choice!!!!!!!

I get to record things that matter to me and to insert images to enhance those things. I never intended the blog to be a record of the art of writing because I am not a master of the art.

This little blog is a knot in the palings of the fence that defines the area of my life.


It’s a changeable fence – it can be a vast structure allowing no views of anything.


Or it can be a little wicker edging revealing all.

Herbaceous Border

Or it can be a homely picket allowing the reader to see as much as I wish.


Or it can simply be a knot in a piece of wood, allowing only a miniature eye-view.

Whatever the case, it’s all written for me, the common person, in mind. If it picks up gentle readers along the way, that’s such a bonus – because I get to talk with them.

In the meantime, over this week’s wicker edging one might see that my husband and I have gardened,


walked on the beach,

been to a concert in the bush, put a house up for sale,


been to dog classes


and eaten chocolate.

I wonder what kind of fence next week’s life will be surrounded by…