A Day Away…

Sometimes hospitals can be so draining and visiting a loved one every day, just so. So after our visit today we loaded a picnic in the car and drove to the southern beaches area.

We had done part of it before, looking at the fire damage from last January. This time we took another turn-off and did the rest and in the process finding a very beautiful little beach to which I shall be bringing my kayak on the next hot north-easterly day.


Primrose Sands – a holiday destination not more than 30 minutes from Hobart. Looks okay – never been here before but a bit too Bondi for me.


Carlton River and moving into the ravaged fire country. This time last year the temperature had begun to climb. By now we were in the high 20’s, like today and the fire that ate acres of country was only a couple of days away. On the 3rd of January, the temperature would reach the 40 mark and this lovely area would be consumed.


Wild ducks on the road at Connolly’s Marsh.



THIS is the beach I am very keen on. Out beyond the lea of the coast, the north-easter was howling but this little beach at Connolly’s Marsh was quiet, barely visited and so calm. Perfect for children.


See how the fire ripped right down to the shoreline.


Life springing from a burned out stump.


What else would you do with a burned out tree?


Connolly’s Marsh. Last year burned black and an area to which we donated bale upon bale of grass hay to keep stock alive. This year, masses of pasture, fine crops of potatoes and hives for clover honey.


‘Fulham’, the merino stud. If you look behind the roof, you can see the burned out trees – right to their back door.


The hills of Dunalley. Burned to a cinder, the whole town decimated. Now after a wonderful year of rain and warmth, pasture enough to cut hay. Nature’s such a contrary thing…


Cyprus trees burned right by the river.


The fishing fleet.


And yet we were settled by the British!


The water flats at ‘Bangor’, Dunalley.


A town’s attitude to life…


And a little bit bizarre – yes, it is a private home. On an island. A castle no less. Odd.


But then to finish the day – a dream home on the edge of the lagoon at Marion Bay. I finished the day redesigning the farm garden so that it sits on a sweep of lavender as does this place.


Felt revived and relaxed as we drove back to the city…