Phoenix rises…

You may remember in the Australian summer, December/January just passed, I blogged  about the bushfires that surrounded us.



Today, my husband and I took a trip through part of the horrendously burned-out areas. Whilst we have yet to return to Dunalley, today we drove round Carlton River and the back of Forcett and Primrose Sands. The psychology of a fire is so strange. This one had jumped whole gullies, burning from one hill to the next, burning right to a house’s door but not burning the house down and yet on the next property, the house would be burned to the ground, farmhouses and sheds burned to ash but shearing sheds left standing.



DSC01589But nature fights back. The bush is re-growing.


People have made a stand and rather than bemoaning the loss of a giant cyprus hedge,


have carved the property’s name out of the tree trunks.


As summer approaches with the speed of light, it’s good to see that these districts are emerging like phoenixes. We just have to hope there won’t be a repeat of the conflagration anywhere else in our state.