Summer’s end…

Spent a lovely morning at Chinamens’ Bay…


The sky had the look of autumn about it and the water has cooled to 16 degrees Celsius.


The kayak hasn’t been used since that hot day of the Grand Memorial Kayak, a month ago.

I paddled away from the boat and spent time just watching fish beneath the kayak…must find out what species they were.


Enjoyed the paddle, albeit short-ish.



Feel that from now on, will require more and more clothes culminating in leggings, diving boots, diving gloves, polar vests, jackets… sigh…why bother?

Boat was scrubbed, rubbed and tubbed at end of trip and is being taken to farm, back into shed until next summer.


PS: walked dog in the dark tonight. 7PM last night it was still light, then we turned our clocks back and tonight it was pitch black. 181 days to go till daylight-saving and so much to accomplish in that time!