Beautiful day…

Wake up and get straight into swimsuit. Sky is pale blue, maybe smoke haze from Victoria.

Down to the beach to favourite pozzie in front of pine trees. Smells resinous in the warmth.



In water by 10AM. Glorious. Walk through waist deep shallows in boat channel, moving out of way of incomers and outgoers. Then just dive in and swim a few lengths between the marker poles. Float on back like a star. Hair drifting out, rocking with the odd tiny wave, can hear the odd tic-tic-tic sound of ‘under the sea’.

Me being me, have to spend most time UNDER water, diving and skimming along the white sea floor. Adore it!

We watch the seabreeze come in. Firstly a navy-blue line on the horizon and then the detail of white horses on the surface, then the fragrance of the deep ocean and the coolness of the air.


Salt on our skin from the swim, hair (mine) thick with salt. (Don’t care). Home for a cup of tea, dress into shorts and take dogs back to the beach for a walk.


You’d think we’re on holiday and I suppose we are, but OH has a day in sheep-yards on Wednesday weaning the lambs, sending the wethers off to the Oatlands lamb sale and innoculating the ewe lambs. Moving all to new paddocks of dry, so very dry, and frighteningly flammable pasture. Then he’s got a massive fencing day, before the South Hill is ploughed for this year’s barley crop.


And then he’s got his other job of overseas consulting. And the mowing. He doesn’t rest a lot.

Loved seeing him swim today.

Me? I’m writing and reading and I just cook for him and care for the gardens. Off to pull out the peas, pod and freeze and to cook beetroot for pickling!