The Hobbit…finally!

Saw it last night. At last.

Let me set the scene – we went to what is called Gold class – recliner seats, a dinner menu, wine, a blanket and pillows. Very, very civilised.

(and no, this is not me nor my husband, but merely the ad for Village Cinemas, Gold Class.)


It was the first time for 3D for me.

I found it quite hard.

I suffer a benign condition called BPV and the vertigo kicked in in the opening Dwarf Wars sequence. Immediate nausea occurred and I had to close my eyes until we got to Hobbiton and Bag End. After that, my eyes and balance had time to adjust.


Except: I had to shut my eyes at the next action sequence and the next and so on because of the disorientation.

That said, I can’t wait to see it again and again. In 3D if really necessary, but in 2D preferably.

Favourite actor: Martin Freeman. A perfectly sustained and consistent portrayal of the image I’ve cherished for forty years of a young Bilbo.


Favourite characters: Bilbo, Balin, Thorin and Gollum.



My opinion of Thorin: As somebody who has enjoyed the roles that Richard Armitage has played, I was interested to see how he would interpret Thorin and if it would hold water with my own 40 year old view. It did to a point. He was archtypically the anti-hero. He smouldered, he overflowed with sadness and bitterness, he wielded his sword with tremendous and believable energy, his voice hummed with gravitas.


But I do have a criticism. And not levelled at him at all.


It is levelled at PJ for not making RA look dwarf enough. I would have preferred his face absolutely hidden behind eccentric makeup like all the others (bar Kili and Fili) so that I could immerse myself in Thorin Oakenshield, the character.

Favourite sequences, in order:

  1. Thorin stalking along the tree toward the Pale Orc intent on murder. (The emotion was palpable.)
  2. The eagle’s claws scooping Thorin up.(I actually sat back in my chair.)
  3. The pipe smoke drifting toward me. (I almost coughed.)
  4. The butterfly flying out toward me. (I reached out.)
  5. And last but by no means least: Bag End. (I want to live there.)


I’ve been a Tolkein aficionado forever. Do I think Peter Jackson honoured the legend?

Most emphatically.

Can’t wait for the second instalment!