Oh Christmas Tree, oh…

My mother is our family matriarch. She is 87. Over the last three weeks, she has had three changes of mind about where we should have Christmas. Should it be up the coast by the sea or should it be in town?

To cover all bases, and bearing in mind the fact that the meal itself will be in our home, not mum’s, I have put a Christmas tree in the townhouse as well as my twigs at House on the coast. But putting a tree in town requires furniture polish and silver cleaning, and sundry other stuff.


The tree: a paper tree which we have had forever. It saves cutting trees down, even though it was initially made of dead trees itself.


The angel. An elongated Gothic angel carved from wood. Very Modigliani.


A sheep to celebrate the farm.


A ‘swinging santa’.


A snow-angel embroidered by a lady called The Snow Queen


What an inspiring collection of books under the tree. http://amzn.to/LrzO8l



What a TRULY inspiring collection of books under the tree. Rather than a tree skirt, we bought these books when the children were young more than 20 years ago and they are trundled out every year.


The beginnings of the dining table decoration.


Honesty on the mantelpiece.


The Nativity carved in beautiful Tasmanian timbers.


The welcome through the Front Door.

Just remains to be seen if we eat here…or there.