Like Mai Tai, I am a scarf person and have a collection of absolute favourites.

Unlike Mai Tai, it is a small collection.

My first scarf, more a bandana, was acquired when I was a freshman at university a loooong time ago.

Then there was the scarf I bought in Munich on my travels abroad … even then I loved blue. I wore the scarf as a belt the day I visited Neuschwanstein Castle and whilst rowing on the lake at Hohenschwangau.

From Harrods. Given to me by my future mother in law. A loooong time ago. Worn and worn and worn.

Bought in Singapore. Walked past the shop window and the sheer beauty of the design and colours drew me like a magnet. The pink and the green… luscious! It is divine, very fine Thai silk, my absolutely favourite silk in the world. I can still see the street and the shop in my mind. It was a loooong time ago.

Bought at an equestrian event. Love taupe and blue together. Always think of sea and sand.

Given to me by my husband for Christmas once. I love that it is chiefly pale blue (he knows my favourite colour) and that it is from the brilliant RM Williams Australia brand.

Found by my son outside a gate after a fancy dress party. He asked around and no one claimed it. So it came home, was washed, pressed and I love the colour combination!

And without doubt, my ultimate favourite – given to me by my kids when I turned sixty. I’ve worn it many Mai Tai ways and always feel it does the right thing.

I’ve got a couple of scarves I’m watching on Ebay at the moment, nothing expensive but wonderful colour schemes and patterns. Inspiring…

But when Peter Jackson signs the contract for the movie rights to A Thousand Glass Flowers and The Shifu Cloth (well, one can dream) and after I’ve spoiled The Family, I’ll purchase a Hermes scarf.

There is nothing, simply nothing, to equal them.