The Pillowbook of Prudence…

I am prompted to write on friendship because this week above all others, I have seen the most perfect examples of it first hand. I have seen love and loyalty conspire to form a foundation of friendship so strong that even approaching death cannot break it down.

I have watched a friend of mine put herself out for someone who is in need, terminally ill and fading, and I watch with awe and affection as my friend does as much as she can to give this woman the best feelings during her last days.

I watch this friend of mine look a little tired and worn with the emotion, but I also see her shining from within and I know that our very sick friend is warmed by that glow.

And I wonder why people think that you don’t have to invest time and energy in a friendship?

If you plant a garden, will it grow well without weeding, feeding, watering and attention? No. it will become tired, rank and underappreciated. Potentially it will fade away.

On this 18th day of August I can say I am lucky. The friends I have made in this later part of my life are the kind who believe that time and affection invested will engender the same returned. The kind of friendships that thrive on regular chats, on coffee and cake, on sharing of thoughts and confidences, and on the simple act of making sure the other person is okay.

I can say I am proud to know our sick friend, she is the stuff of legend and will be missed so much by those of us who know her and have loved her companionship.

But I am in awe and proud too of my caring friends who spend so much time helping others.

It is inspirational and I consider myself blessed to be in their circle.

And as those of you who read the Pillowbook by now know, I cannot finish without commenting on people wearing funerary colours.

Whilst the weather is grey and damp outside, I am managing to avoid wearing black by finding as much blue as I can in my wardrobe, on the assumption that at the very least it will remind people of a summer’s sky.