A letter written by Pup…

Dear Great Aunt J, (mother of pup’s vet)

Mummy said to write and tell you of my latest adventure, but I don’t think it was an adventure. It hurt and I got very frightened.
I got bitten by a BEE today… or a jackjumper ant. Not sure which. But Grandmother T. chases bees and she never gets bitten and it looked such fun!

Swelling on left of screen, smaller after needles. He couldn't see out of his eyes, before the needles

I scratched at the door and Auntie C. let me in and I ran to Mum’s and Dad’s room and threw up THREE TIMES all over their carpet and then I think they saw my face and ran round like puppies, yapping! Mum picked me up and I couldn’t see her cos my face was so big and my eyes all scrunched and I felt really woozy and floppy.
Next thing I knew we were in a car and I was in Mum’s arms and she was cuddling me and kissing the top of my head I think, but I ‘m not sure cos I just felt funny and breathing was a bit hard.

And theeen,  we were in a doggy doctor’s and it was a different place to Auntie H’s because Auntie H’s surgery was too far away from where we were on holidays. The doggy doctor felt me all over. It hurt my lips but I was very quiet. They gave me two needles and I was SO brave… didn’t cry once cos I’m a Jack Russell and named after a famous spy from a show called Spooks!

My tail wagged after that and we went back to the car after they had peeled Dad off the floor when he paid the bill and we drove back to the cottage and I slept aaallll the way!  My face wasn’t as bad and all the other dogs welcomed me back and I drank lots and lots of water and wee-ed and wee-ed and wee-ed!

My face’s okay now but Mum and Dad said they’re tired and that Grandfather M. is channelling through me, whatever that means. I think it’s got to do with money as they call him the $6 million dollar dog. He’s a LEGEND!

Great Auntie J, did you know that dogs can be bitten anywhere by bees and their faces’ll still swell up like mine? Like a balloon. Dad said if he’d stuck a pin in it, I’d pop!
Anyway, I’m a bit tired. Before I got bitten I went swimming in the river with Grandmother T. and that was amaaaazing!

Lots of love and maybe you could tell Auntie H. (Pup’s vet)