The medieval mirror…

A couple of days before Christmas, I went to the framers to collect my stumpwork medieval mirror. I could barely remember what I chose as a frame although I recall I didn’t want any sort of mount on the assumption that the embroidery itself would form a border to the mirror which would rest in the very centre of the stitching.

Before the embroidery left for the framers, I decided to take some photos, one in particular, to show the three dimensional nature of this seventeenth century art.

I gave myself a year to complete it but managed it in six months. Summer has never really been a very good time for me to embroider – the long days, the sun, the outdoors life; so it was fortuitously finished just in time.

The medieval mirror finished.

The next piece is a toadstool piece… it won’t take all that long and although I have begun it, it will be spaced out over autumn and winter. No more embroidery now until summer winds down!