My gift to Jane Austen…

 Here in Australia it is already Jane Austen’s birthday… it is meet that she is celebrated through all the time zones of the world and that we give her the respect and affection she so rightly deserves. To Jane…

My dearest Jane,

I hope this letter finds you happy and well on your birthday and that Aunt Austen is recouped. I had occasion to speak with Mrs.Lefroy in the Tearooms in Bath and she informed me that Aunt is once again sitting downstairs and receiving and I confess to being vastly relieved.

I am sending you a gift which I hope you have opened from its wrapping by now. I did give instruction that it was intended you open the package first and the letter second, thus you must forgive me issuing orders on your special day.

As you can see I am giving you a journal and delicious paper for your writing. You are now a success, Cousin, and your writing deserves to be written on the best paper available.

I found this on my recent visit to Florence. It was in the most elegant shop, a place called, logically I thought, Il Papiro. The journal is beautifully marbled is it not? I chose the colours with you in mind, colours of the sky in East Hampshire on a fine summer’s day. So fascinating watching the marbling take place, my dear. It is like alchemy and the binders are magicians manipulating paper and leather. It is my belief that this journal will provide the pages for your greatest novel yet.

I cannot wait to see yourself and Cassandra to tell of a charming young woman I met in Florence. I quite literally bumped into her in the Boboli Gardens and nearly tipped her into a pond. You would have laughed as all the handsome young men dashed up to save her from a dunking. Her name was Emma, a pretty young thing on the arm of her father, and she seemed set on matchmaking everyone she met. There is so much more to tell and I know you both shall enjoy it. Indeed I have this strange feeling that as you read this, an idea may already have seeded itself in your clever mind.

The paper sheets are for you to write to people like me, your loving cousin, or to your publisher. Run your hand over the surface. Do you not agree it feels like the kind of silk we would use for our ballgowns?

I hope our chaise can deliver us safely to Chawton for dinner this evening and look forward to giving you birthday greetings in person.

I remain your loving cousin,


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