The Victorian Scrapbook…

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the old Victorian scrapbook gifted to me by my great aunt when I was eight years old. There is a little bit of history behind the book. My parents moved whilst I was away at university (a long while ago) and all my books were placed in boxes and apparently moved with the housing contents.

When mum and dad unpacked everything there was a box of books missing… some of my favourite fiction titles and of course, the scrapbook. I was devastated. Since then, I married and my husband and I moved ten times over our married life from city to city. We’ve lived in our curent house for 20 years. Imagine the surprise when two weeks ago and out of nowhere, I found the scrapbook… just there with other books that I have read and flipped through dozens of times in the last however-long.

I thinks its spooky… it just turned up… but how glad I am that it did. See for yourself.