Music… or not…

I think I’m a failure in terms of fitting into the writer’s mould.

I don’t sit and write in a study. (I write anywhere and everywhere)

I’m not surrounded by learned tomes. (Hard when you write anywhere and everywhere)

I don’t write X number of words in any one day. (Life’s sort of busy. For example at the moment we’re lambing… just saw a new lamb the size of a Jack Russell terrier pup and with ears like Dobby’s)

I don’t write in any particular way. (Some days I edit back over the days before, sometimes I just have to write as it comes)

And I don’t really play inspirational music. As such.

That said, when A Thousand Glass Flowers was hardly a sparkle in its mum’s eye, I came across Bride and Prejudice, the movie by Gurinda Chada and bought the soundtrack. This ( and then by connection, this ( and then more and more, put me in a Raji sort of mood.

Not only that but Ashwariya Rai became the embodiment of my female protagonist and gave me her name, Lalita, from the above mentioned movie . And Richard Armitage’s appearance totally became Finnian in my mind.

But generally I listen to this sort of thing ( I’m very partial to Cary’s music ( and can listen to it all day every day. It never fails to smooth the pathways ready for writing.