Keep calm and carry on…

Now here’s the thing. Overnight, The Stumpwork Robe finally achieved Premium Catalogue status with Smashwords which means it can be sold to be read on all the e-apps available. This has prompted me to want to try and finish the formatting of its sequel The Last Stitch and secure its placement on the catalogue ASAP.

In addition, the ‘go to press’ day is rapidly approaching for A Thousand Glass Flowers (this year is galloping past me while I seem to stand still and achieve NOTHING!) and it has yet to gather its blurb comment, have a line-edit etc. Plus Gisborne is in tearing hurry to be written.  And then there’s the WIP and work for Bo Press which I really want to do.

And yet ‘life’ has the gall to get in the way. How dare it!

Just take a look:

1. Mother going to hospital for a day or so this week (minor not major).

2. My ankle injuries from last year require MRI’s and ultrasounds this week.

3. The treecutters are coming into the farm to take down dead and partly fallen trees, requiring supervision.

4. The ‘bobcat’ is coming to scrape off the tumbled rock from the ruins of the 1800’s stable-block, requiring supervision.

5. Two hundred and fifty lambs need weighing.

6. The rams have to be drafted out of the ewe flocks before they kill themselves with overwork!

7. The horse’s feet need to be trimmed. (not by me but I have to hold him obviously)

8. The farmyard and drive need mowing on ride-a-mower while OH cuts farm lawns. (requires big and little earplugs)

9. I need to go meditate as I’m beginning to gnash my teeth.

10. I need to get a haircut!

Which all prompted me to get out my fave tea-towel and hang it over the rail of the oven door. I then typed ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ into Google because I wanted to know its provinence.

And finally: this coming week, it is truly my mantra.