Pillowbook of Prudence…

Kindness comes in large and small packages. I was prompted think on this when I heard that a friend with a conscience had made biscuits and origami cranes for her husband to sell by donation at his place of work in Vienna. The purpose was to raise money for the Japanese tsunami relief. What she didn’t expect was that more than a hundred Euros would be paid for a crane, or that the international corporation for which her husband works would offer to match whatever was raised. A simple idea that created ripples.

One also considers the efforts of another friend who gives of her time. One day at a Dogs’ home, another day at an Aged Care Centre. A further day at the Ronald Macdonald House. She does this quietly, freely and without recompense.

On this 21st day of March, as the world suffers in its various ways, it is possible to believe that small acts can achieve things of great scope. I’m reminded of a stone thrown into water. One ripple and then another and another. It serves.