The Stumpwork Robe…

This is the magnificent design of the eldritch robe from the book The Stumpwork Robe.

Pat Sweet has been itching to design the robe ever since she read the book almost two years ago, claiming that as a former costume designer, it fired her imagination. The woman modelling the gown is Ana, who you would know well from reading the book.

The gown has been through many permutations as it moved to this point and Pat is now working on a flat version so that one can see where all the individual embroideries are placed.

Remember that under each of those embroideries, in sequential order, is a story … a fantasy … a romance … perhaps even a tragedy.


I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to have a vision of this robe presented to me. For years it’s been in my head, just an image, and probably different to what any reader might envisage individually. But Pat has somehow encapsulated my vision entirely … she in the USA, me in Australia and the book initially published in the UK. The power of technology and in particular, the social media as we communicated with each other over this is astonishing!

Life is amazing, I have to say!