#Amnotwriting …

Sometime ago, way back in October 2010, I wrote a quick post about it being  . . . ‘almost summer.’ I love the song by Billy Thorpe  and I swore it would become my anthem.

Well it did indeed become my song!  Here I am at the little beachside cottage and I’m revelling in the sun and the sound of waves and walking through the water with the dogs. Tonight we’re having a BBQ with friends who also live by the beach and we contributing all the fresh stuff we’ve grown from the garden: snowpeas, fresh peas, Kipfler potatoes, mint, baby carrots.  We’ll throw red and white wine into the basket, and beer and shall sit around their wood-fired BBQ into the darkling hours and chat about this and that.

Yesterday was ‘his’ birthday,

Happy birthday!

so we ate a meal from the garden as well, along with a side of Creole smoked salmon, a 2004 Lubiana chardonnay and an almond chocolate torte with boysenberries and raspberries from the berry house.

Tuesday, is a boating day and we’ll eat broadbean and fetta frittatas, batards with fruit pastes and cheeses and the rest of his birthday cake.  With luck we’ll dive.  I’ve got my wetsuit (the island water is chillier than this time last year) and I just checked my diving gear.

I know I should be writing.

I know I should be editing for Kindle.

I know I should have uploaded the next part of The Sheriff.

But I’ve dreamed of this holiday since last summer and whilst I’ve already written the next chapter of Guy’s and Ysabel’s story, I haven’t spent time looking for images. Somehow clicking through the copious pics of Guy of Gisborne pales into a kind of insignificance as the sun, water, beaches and boats beckon.

Treason, you say! The woman’s head needs reading, you expostulate!  But look at Guy  … he’s having a quiet chuckle.  He doesn’t mind.

Guy doesn't mind!

We all need time out and I PROMISE I will upload in the next few days if you can stay with me till then.  Meanwhile, enjoy the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=659BB5W838 and if you want to sing along, have a look at http://pruebatten.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/its-almost-summer/