#Amreading #Amwriting #Amediting

Please dear followers, excuse my lack of posts just lately.  Lots of reasons:

* Am reading. Rarely get the chance to read a lot and have read three books in last few days

* Am writing. Big spurt.  Ideas must be written down.

* Am editing.  Cornerstones UK have an athlete’s plan for me.

* Am walking dogs between rain showers

* Am intending to take advantage of blue skies today.

* Am thinking . . . about a map of the Han, a secret province in my WIP as my friend Bo Press Miniature Books has a wonderful idea for a Han curio cabinet, for Han maps, for scrolls . . . basically to infinity and beyond.

* Am envious of JK Rowling’s ability to take her readers and film goers right to the end and STILL maintain and create new interest the world over.  Even my OH is hooked!

* Am shopping.  For Christmas.  At my favourite bookshops. Dymocks, ABC Shop and Fuller’s.

* Am still reeling after my near-death experiences listening to Richard Armitage read A Convenient Marriage whilst I was driving.

*Am going. Bye and will add a new Sheriff in the next couple of days!