Mapping the morning . . .

Should be writing and will, in a minute after last night’s happy journey forward on the re-write, but this has been today so far.

It’s raining.  About to get a cold change.  Horse’s rugs had to be changed from lightweight to heavyweight.  Sheepdogs had to be let out for a run.

Ewes and lambs wet but okay.

Cup of tea and a natter with husband.  Checked vegetables and peas and all types of beans are climbing, asparagus to be picked.  Zucchini can come out from under cloches, potatoes have burst through the soil.  Beetroot and carrots showing tiny stalks.  Berries have flowers all over.  Excited by summer banquet to come.

Walked on the beach with domestic dogs.  Raining so took umbrella.  Let dogs off.  Young one swam.  And swam and swam!  No accounting for brains.  Found a baby hermit crab in his shell above the tideline: very very sweet. Little orange bristles covered his vermilion carapace.  Didn’t like the rapacious look of the gulls not far away, so picked him up and carried him to the wave-line and hoped he would drift away to a bigger shell, the sea-floor and safety.  Counted eight hooded dotterels in a flock on the sand.  Reassuring as have only ever seen two pairs consistently.  Twitchers will be happy.  Mists everywhere, creeping across the surface of the ocean.

An hour later, back in the house and making ribbon sandwiches for a birthday tomorrow and preparing dinner for friends tonight.  Smell of smoked salmon is wonderful.  Wine chilling.  Opened and answered emails, read some links I needed to read and some others from a couple of blogs I shouldn’t have read as they disillusioned me about someone I admire.  And  here I am, back at the beginning.

Shall make cup of tea and begin to work.  See you when the sun’s over the yardarm.