The Pillow Book of Prudence . . .

Things that are amusing:

Joining Twitter.  Fun in 140 characters, that is assuming one is prepared to leave one’s real persona behind.  @Lucas_North’s,




@MalcolmWJ’s, @Dimitri_MI5’s and @SirHJPierce’s behaviour on Twitter.  Making macaroons without learning how to use a piping bag first.  Looking at self in mirror after cane blind has fallen and hit the bridge of the nose.  Having funny shared thoughts with MG.  The younger dog showing off by having a giant swim at the beach.  Watching the parking-meter man trying to book me when I had beaten him to the meter by a sucked in half-breath.  The lambs . . . cheeky and very cocky because they have made it!


Lambing is finished . . .


Things that aren’t:

The loss of privacy at university.  The sick humour of the internet and You-Tube.  The loss of a life.

Looking at self in the mirror after the blind fell on my nose and seeing the blood.  The loss of  a ewe birthing triplets . . . mother and babies died.  The northwest wind: who was it on Twitter who said ‘the wuthering wind is snapping at the corners of the house.’ Rudeness . . . of parking-meter men.  Saint Kilda losing the Grand Final.  SSAE  in the mail.  The chance that I will have to pull out of the Dogs’ Home until hand and ankle fully repair.  I have only been back two weeks.

On this first week of October, we can be hopeful.  Winter is over in this far-flung little outpost of the Southern hemisphere called Tasmania.  The lambing has finished.  My garden rewards me.


My garden rewards me . . .


The boatshed is being framed up.  The manuscript has attention from a major editorial agency O/S . . . free of charge. I shopped for clothes today and bought capri jeans, shorts and two polo-shirts in less than 10 minutes.  Such things rarely happen.  It’s time to think about the myriad family birthdays.  To enjoy a major book launch on Thursday night.  To wish my son and his partner safe-travelling as they leave for three weeks holiday in Samoa.

It’s heartwarming that sixty dogs were adopted from the Dog’s Home in the month of September.  It has been a week of enjoying the generosity of overseas friends and of realising that even though an SSAE arrived in the mail, better things await.  And that the world has joined together to condemn those students at Rutgers University.