Variety is the spice of life . . .

A thought occurred to me today as the hours progressed, that I lead, along with millions of others in this world, a varied life.  That variety is the spice of life.

I have just posted a comment on Hyaline Prosaic’s blog.  She’s a historic re-enactment enthusiast and has just spent the weekend cooking over a traditional campaign campfire.  Not just pottage and crusts . . . but roasts and coq au vin.  This is happening in the States as we speak.

I also chatted to two of my closest friends in the States on Chatzy this afternoon.  For hours.  About writing, technology, fine arts and human nature.  And good old- fashioned women’s gossip.

I read Facebook this morning and caught up on the fact that my cousin’s son is coming home to Australia for awhile after being O/S.

I read my emails: from the UK, the States, Australia.

I re-read the emailed editorial report from the UK at which I am slogging away.

I looked at the weather forecast as snow (in Spring?) drifted past the window and found we were in for a doozy of a couple of days, with massive waves and snow to sea level.  And immediately began to worry about the ewes and lambs because there is a sheep-graziers’ warning out as well.  My horse has his lush, padded paddock rug with built-in neck rug, so I’m not concerned about him at all.  But the precious new little lambs?  It’s not fair.

I spoke to my mum by phone (normal landline) to find her biopsy results are back and she’s okay.

I checked up on Wattpad and realised that it’s time for another Sheriff upload.  On WordPress/Mesmered as well.

And I finished with a quick read of Nathan Bransford who asked his followers if they thought social media was any good at selling books.  Is he kidding?  Half mine have sold thanks to the social media.  And I ‘ve bought some as well, courtesy of mentions by others on social media.  My life has improved out of sight thanks to the friendships sales of my own books have created.  The social media is how we all keep up with each other and . . . it’s how I learn.  About writing, about technology, about things I like and in the case of Hyaline Prosaic, about eighteenth century campaign cooking.

So you see what I mean . . . variety in 24 hours . . . the spice of life!